Quality Futon Mattresses Built To Last

Quality Hand Crafted Futon Mattresses Built To Last

Futon mattressesLooking for a really good futon mattress that won’t feel like a slab of granite in two years? We can help you out. After 16 years of solid retail and e-commerce experience, we’ve become pretty seasoned at delivering a futon mattress to your door made with all the right ingredients…but without a lot of unnecessary “fluff factor”. Whether you’re looking for a futon mattress that is primarily used as a couch futon, value priced but still sumptuous and over-stuffed, or you’re investing in a quality futon mattress that you want to rely on for support, super comfort, and extreme long haul durability, we’ve got the mattress for you.

We deal factory direct with only two manufacturers…both have been making futon mattresses for generations, and both build their mattresses right here in the US…hand crafted, bench built. One company, Blazing Needles, makes our value priced futon mattress that we offer at a great price, and with a solid 10 Year Warranty.

We have custom built an incredible foam core futon mattress with multiple layers of 100 percent linter cotton, high density foam, and special Dacron support layers to create a futon mattress that is priced right, will last forever, and is built for durability and speed. The outer covering is 100 percent cotton muslin, the futon mattress is tufted with an unheard of 15 nylon tufts to prevent content migration and shifting, and best of all, we vacuum package these futon mattresses for easy handling, and ship by UPS. And best of all, delivery is free!

Making An Investment In A Great Futon Mattress For the Long Haul?

Otis Bed Products is one of the largest manufacturers of specialty bedding products, including conventional mattresses and futon mattresses, in the US. And, it’s a family run business that utilizes experience and quality components to create a futon mattress line that is simply unbeatable.  Every futon mattress is overstuffed with High Resiliency foam and Fibre-Fil hypo-allergenic fill material that simply won’t compress (the fibers are actually coil shaped, like miniature springs) and then “pre-pressurized” to create an “inside out” force against the outer cover, which provides proper support and comfort levels. We especially liked the finished look of the mattresses, as well. Otis builds each mattress totally by hand, boxing the edges so that the mattress has a tailored, neat appearance. The weight of material used for the off-white outer cover is 7.25 oz. twill, the heaviest weighted cover material we had seen. The best part…all of our Otis mattresses are shipped UPS or FedEx, after being vacuum packed and sealed in a sturdy box at half its original size. This makes for easily handling. Upon opening the box and interior bag, the mattress quickly “re-inflates” itself to its original size and form.

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